iZettle Case - Social Media Campaign

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30,000 SEK ≈ 3K EUR to create and run the campaign.


With a focus on offline businesses and offline merchants at their point of sale, we celebrate the empowering, democratic side of iZettle - with a touch of humanity for the festive season.

iZettle would want to express that homeless individuals selling Situation Sthlm are not forgotten and they should be a part of the festive season.

There are around 300 active sellers of Situation Sthlm on the streets of Stockholm, with many already using iZettle to receive payments. The current initiative of supporting Situation Sthlm sellers on the streets with card readers can be taken one step further for the upcoming holiday season.

For every magazine bought from them on a particular day/week/month of the holiday season through the card readers, iZettle will donate 30kr to these homeless individuals. (Up to 30,000SEK - 1000 copies & 30,000SEK/300 sellers - 1000SEK each for their gift)

#iZettlejul will be used for the stories they tell, which everyone can share.

The money will go to their tangible and realizable wishes, hopes and desires for the holiday season. From a warm meal for a month to warmer clothing for the winter ahead, their wishes will eventually come in the form of Christmas presents for them, from iZettle.

Why is this relevant as a social media campaign?

We bring the offline spirit of humanity to the digital world so that we can spread it as quickly as possible.

These individuals on the streets of Sweden have a life of stories waiting to be told. With no need to curate or sensationalize their stories, the harsh truths and simple joys they tell through simple reactions from having a chat with them is iZettle's continued way of giving them a voice. A voice that iZettle celebrates; showing support to everyone on all levels of society.

A great CSR initiative to give back, but essentially also an inclusive idea to spread the warmth of Christmas to everyone in our society through the power of iZettle.


Facebook. Other channels such as twitter, instagram will be used to support the campaign, with a blog to reveal deeper details of the chats we have with these tough, vulnerable, yet spectacular individuals.


We go to the streets which they are a huge part of, and we buy a magazine but also a warm drink or meal in exchange for a chat. A chat about their past and what they feel for the future, to the simple things they do daily to keep fighting for another day. Finally, we ask what they wish for the most in the holiday season.

We ask if we can take their picture and share their story, while also explaining our plans for donating money with every purchase on the specified time frame.

Costs: A drink or a meal, but almost nothing at this point.

Possible partners for the project: Myronas, Stockholm Stadsmission, homeless shelters & soup kitchens to participate on the day of giving them their gifts and presents.


The idea is localized to Stockholm for it being the city closest to iZettle's heart, but the idea reaches out to sister publications Faktum (Gothenburg), Aluma (Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg) and similar ones globally for future efforts, if successful.

Sample Content

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  • The sample content above is fictional and images are from various sources from the internet.
  • Copy was written by me to show the authentic nature of how a conversation might go between two individuals, not just homeless people.
  • The facebook page "iZettle Social Media Campaign" was created for this case and is unpublished, thus not visible to the public.

Carl: http://bit.ly/1wYI8ql
Nina: http://bit.ly/1sJXuKb
"Håkan" (Fake name for man in blue jacket):  http://buswk.co/1oSP32P