iZettle Case - Content Series 

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Content Theme:

The infinite & intimate possibilities of iZettle.


A blog is an extremely useful way to give insights to the users of any brand, on how a company thinks, to the interesting details of the process of why, how, what, when, where & who is iZettle.

Often informative, it can be an engaging tool to get various target audiences to be involved in the iZettle community and be a part of the process.

The obvious content would be to propagate the educational aspects with tips on how to use the card readers/app and troubleshooting tips to the important but often overlooked environmental benefits of a cashless society.

A new blog series with a theme of "The infinite possibilities of iZettle" creates a message that iZettle is bigger than simply being a card reader, an app or a cashier system.

iZettle is to empower - with a dollop of cool and fun.

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Target Audience:

Early adopters and brand ambassadors for long-form content, engage current merchants with fun tasks, and initiate new people to the brand with interesting shorter form content such as lists and quizzes.


Having a variety of content targets specific audiences with each post, and readers might also be interested in certain content at different times to different days of the week.

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Tone of Voice:

Inspiring, globally informative, trustworthy thought leader, yet interesting with a sharp sense of humour.


iZettle at its core, provides a service that prides itself on being trusted by merchants and consumers alike. Informative content needs to be accurate and factual to reinforce credibility and respect, with the ability to draw attention to create long lasting relationships.

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Topic 1:

Fun, unknown facts about using iZettle through lists and quizzes.


  • 10 reasons to dump all your cash away and use cards (List)
  • Are you obsessed with credit cards? (Quiz)
  • 5 things we do in the office at iZettle (List)
  • 11 things not to do when your iZettle needs a restart (List)


Quick-fire content full of imagery and interesting quizzes to create engaging content. Leaders of these types of content include Buzzfeed & Business Insider. Low quality images or gifs not encouraged.

Topic 2: 

A tale of two cities. A series on an entire day of using only cards with/or without iZettle to make payments in daily life. We can try the experiment out with various individuals from the cities that iZettle have a presence in. Example: London vs Stockholm


Content focuses on the benefits of a cashless society to the progress of various cities through the experience of an experiment.

Notes: Could think about finding partners in editorial content such as theguardian.co.uk for this topic, which has a lot of existing content supporting a cashless society.
(Paypal currently sponsors editorial content on Buzzfeed with posts like that: http://bzfd.it/1znuiwU and iZettle can opt for a more trusted and long-form content provider such as theguardian)

Topic 3: 

"Wired" is a topic for long-form content and more interesting aspects of tech, environment and society with iZettle's role in it.


To discuss heavier challenges that we face with changing habits and technological advances.

Topic 4: 

Before and after images of pre iZettle and post iZettle. (#retailproblems /#everydaycashier / #tbt)

In the vein of "everyday carry" (everydaycarry.com) where the card reader/cashier station is laid out and photographed beautifully in contrast with older cashiers from different decades. Stories from merchants describing the ease of using iZettle. (Images below are taken from instagram but the blog will have deeper interviews with the store owners)


To show the vast difference of an iZettle powered retail store, to indulging in the desire for nostalgia. (#retailproblems are existing, trending topics on twitter & instagram. iZettle can join the conversation)

Topic 5: 

Explore the world and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship through the fingers of iZettle. (#whereisizettletoday / #fingerfriday)

With a finger as the "character"/protagonist and possibly using illusion techniques such as "sleeveface" (sleeveface.com) and walking to places with the card reader. Show that iZettle travels everywhere with a background story and feature on the merchant and location of business.


To celebrate the wireless/mobile capabilities of iZettle through a story from the perspective of the merchant and her/his fingers. Humanizes the product, allows for possible user generated content from merchants posting on instagram and helps with camera shy business owners!


  • Many of these blog posts give more information than what is possible to be used on social channels (facebook/twitter/instagram) BUT they should be able to be extracted for shorter posts and led back to the blog for "continuity" in digital communication channels.
  • Hashtags included for the blog posts are meant for the social channels and as a guide to the content.