Reach out to potential customers and tech news media.


Content needs to have strong visuals and be more likely to be shared by the target audience.

An infographic or tip about the new app forges a deeper understanding of the new app's features.

The best way to spread content through tech news media is via influencer marketing with figures of authority in tech.

Content needs to communicate the brand new features of the app that are unique to competitors and customers rely on.


Many customers of Pingdom are heavyweights in the tech world and some of them have a consumer base that is relevant or uniquely different to Pingdom. As a SaaS, Pingdom's potential clients remain enterprise customers and individual website developers/owners.

Relevant influencers: TheNextWeb, GitHub. Being sources and leaders of their field their opinion reaches out to the potential clients Pingdom is looking for.

Combine small snippet of infographic with the information of their favorite aspects of the new app from the people at TheNextWeb. Tag and use hashtags to tap into their network audience.



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  • The facebook & twitter page "Pingdoms" were created for this case and is unpublished, thus not visible to the public.