Some of the wonderful experiences I had with the people I worked with.


"John is superhuman. There’s no other way to explain it. His knowledge of marketing technology, analytics, conversion frameworks and anything web is mind-blowing. With other colleagues this knowledge would be intimidating, but John’s practical, straightforward approach encourages group learning and participation – making the entire team stronger and willing to take on new, unfamiliar challenges. John’s drive and resourcefulness are a tremendous asset to the team."

- Stephan Floyd, Head of Content, Brand, PR at Tobii Technology

"John's ability to adopt and adapt to new technologies quickly is a definite plus and makes communication from a technological perspective a much easier process. He displays efficient and reliable capabilities in both content strategy planning and handling community management.

Having worked in 2 companies together with him, I would definitely recommend working with John for the great work he has done so far."

— Calvin Ng, Full Stack Developer, Atlassian 

"John is one of those hungry, driven teammates you always want to work with."

"Totally self managed and responsible, John is a professional and dedicated colleague who produces amazing results."

Daniel Reed, Growth at Spotify for Business (Worked together at Sinch)

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"It was an absolute privilege to be able to work directly with Johnny. We worked together on accounts such as the CapitaMalls group, NTU and MINI. Johnny is an excellent content strategist that puts in plenty of research and brand understanding when taking on a new account, particularly for MINI.

He proactively recommends content solutions backed with a good fan and audience understanding that keeps him well versed in his expertise in content. Aside from that, Johnny is able to work independently as well as take the reins and lead teams with minimal supervision from his account managers, which is always a plus.

He is also very comfortable and a great people person when it comes to dealing with clients directly, which helped us grow several accounts. All in all it was a pleasure working with Johnny, and though I'm sad to see him leave Vocanic, I am certain that he will be a fundamental asset to any company he chooses to work for.

I would definitely re-hire him in a heart beat should the opportunity arise in the future."

Kimberley Olsen, Head of Business Development at Vocanic (Mediacom) 

"On the few occasions where I worked together on online marketing campaigns with John, he kept on surprising me with his seemingly endless positivity and desire to learn. It was a pleasure working with him and I'm sure his can-do attitude will keep on winning hearts and minds in his career."

— Onur Özer, Senior Producer, RG/A


"Johnny is that all rounder that every team leader dreams of having in his ranks. A quick learner and reliable team mate, his friendly disposition rubs off on clients and colleagues alike and helps them develop a deep belief and trust in him. His work ethic is right up there - always leading and consulting clients with a strategic approach that often goes above and beyond the his call of duty.

As the Senior Community Management Lead on my social media team, Johnny showed an uncanny knack of not just creating good, solid content but also the ability to mentor and pass on his knowledge to the peers and juniors who came under his tutelage.

Johnny brought that extra spark to our team to get our engines going and I'd be more than happy to provide a reference for him."

— Kristian Olsen, Client Services Director, Vocanic/Mediacom


"A very pro-active and insightful person, John is very easy to get along with and it was a pleasure working with him. Definitely a person to have working in your team."

Djohan Johari, Art Director, Vocanic

"References" Image: The Fox Is Black